The FeedbackLoop

Next up: Feb. 8, 7PM-9PM, Good Choice Kitchen, 147 Main Street

Are you just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Do you have an idea for a business, are just launching a business, or are looking to redirect your business? 

Do you want to test your idea but aren’t ready for a pitch contest? 

Or, are you a seasoned entrepreneur who loves sharing your insight with others. 

Come join our Feedback Loop events. Hear from entrepreneurs as they share what they are working on and look for insight and inspiration from the community. Help refine their ideas. Make new friends.

Feedback Loop nights are:

Friendly and honest: we’re among friends so any question and any confession is welcome and respected

Symbiotic: giving advice is as rewarding as getting it

Goal oriented: we’ll focus on one or two ideas/entrepreneurs a night

Exhilarating: we’ll explore lots of different innovative ideas and meet a diverse group of people 

Positive: when so much around us is uncertain, spending time helping to create value and bring solutions to community challenges just feels good

Interested in sharing your idea at The Feedback Loop? Send us an e-mail at  

Upcoming Events

March 13, 7:00 - 9pm

Location: Good Choice Kitchen, 147 Main Street, Ossining. 

February 8, 7:00 - 9:00pm


Ben Wild

Ben is the Executive Director of the Walkabout Education Foundation, an organization dedicated to creating experiential education learning opportunities for high school students. The Walkabout education model allows students to gain confidence in the real world through internships, service projects and wilderness expeditions.

Susanne Shoemaker

Susanne is the CEO and Founder of Undercare, Inc., a product line of patented, easy on, easy off adaptive garments, bathing suits, and athletic wear for individuals with mobility limitation that do not require you to bend, balance or to stand on one leg to get dressed. We offer dignity and independence to those who struggle to self-dress due to either acute or chronic disability.

February 8, 7:00pm - 9 pm

Location: Good Choice Kitchen, 147 Main Street, Ossining.


Peter Stafford

I’m developing software that exposes students (7-12) to important applications of mathematics. The app will emphasize the philosophy behind STEAM as opposed to STEM.  STEAM adds “art” to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math of STEM.

STEAM is a recent initiative in K-12 education. Research has shown that when subjects are integrated with the arts (visual art, music, dance etc) students retain the material for a longer period of time than when the arts are left out.  STEAM has a high profile in K-12 ed. There is even a STEAM caucus in the US Congress to help support the initiative.

I'll be presenting a 'story board' that describes an interactive story/game that will attempt to make the subject matter (an application of mathematical functions and trigonometry used in computer animation) fun.  

Mary Howard

I’m opening a children's toy, gift, and book store on Main Street in Ossining.  I am planning also to rent out the attached back space to have a place for children and caregiver workshops (art, yoga, music, guest speakers, etc).  I would like for the entire space to have a community feel to it.